All things Willam Morris

We made it to London!

Let the learning curves begin.  First to drive on the left with a standard car while using the navigation system.  Laughter, gear grinding and several wrong turns abound.  A great parallel park job by my cohort in crime on this adventure, Jayna only to find out that street parking was for residents only.  More laughter! 

Onward to breakfast.  Thank goodness for Google maps.  That voice kept us in check to a lovely breakfast close to our flat.

Flat check in.  I think that we have more keys that the entire UK.  One for the outside door, one for the flat, one for the the patio door, one for the garage entrance and a few we have yet to figure out.  Will it be safe to leave and find the correct key to re enter without having to call the owner? 

We did dare to go out, and now for the London Tube.  Wow this nearly broke my brain trying to navigate.  Oyster pass you say?  Well of course, but do not insert the plastic credit card like pass into the ticket pull.  My pass disappeared into the deep abyss of the ticket taker machine.  I go to purchase another 30 lb. pass while Jayna, aka my guardian angel, pleads with a lovely Tube employee to retrieve my card from the nasty machine.  Just as I am about to hit purchase at the kiosk, success.  The employee opens the entire machine to retrieve the crazy ladies pass.  Now to make way to Libery's of London.

After a transfer from the green line to the red line, we ride the escalators to day light.  Arts and Crafts fabric here we come!!!  Were any of you aware that Liberty's has 4 floors?  Jayna proceeds to lose her shawl (never to be found again) while we  shop till we drop...or shop til Jayna drops, I am the energizer bunny.

Now onto dinner and some grocery shopping.  Hunger forced us to find eats close before making our way onto the Tube again.  It is fascinating to see Londoners run through the stations to meet trains that come every few seconds.  Is this an unwritten rule?   Must have a quick run before getting home?

Another successful navigation back to our flat with a stop at the grocery and of course to a wine shop!  The owner had already locked the door, but must have felt compassion for the tired travelers and opened the shop for us.   Two bottles of wine and the correct flat keys (yes that is plural) we made it safely to our home away from home. 

A toast to a wonderful start to our all things William Morris adventure.