I have died and gone to William Morris Heaven!!!!

The first official stop on our All Things William Morris sights is the William Morris and Co. headquarters.  A journey into the archives.  It is all we can do to keep from leaping over the other cars along the freeway as we drive to our destination!

Will we see original works?  YES

Will we touch original wall papers, fabrics and carved blocks?  YES

Will we see part of an exhibit traveling to Japan?  YES

Will we see the new fall line of William Morris papers and fabrics?  YES

Will we get a tour of the studio where the designers work?  YES

Will we get a goody bag of items to take home and enjoy?  YES

Will we meet the most lovely designer, Allison to give us a show of the archives?  YES 

Will we ever be the same again?  NO

Glory, glory we have gone to a heaven on earth! 

Fun facts that we learned on our experience here:

*Seven colors to a wallpaper-only one color a day can be printed.  That means seven days to fabricate.

*Metallics were in during the 1860’s as well.  Beads were also added to the papers.  They captured the gas lighting and created a glow on the wall.

*It is true that Mr. Morris had blue stained arms from all the indigo dying he did for his fabric line.

*When Julie is behind the wheel, stay clear of the left of the car!   :)

We did have to say farewell to the archive "heaven", but no worries, we proceeded to find another slice of sunshine at a fabric store.  Now to purchase the fabrics we saw in the archives.  Our suitcases will be heavier on our return flight.

A dinner of the required fish and chips, a Tube ride to see Buckingham palace and wave to the queen, and a taxi cab ride in an iconic taxi cab (with a stop at another Harcourt road...oops.  Julie's bad) ended our evening, but not before misplacing our keys, trying the front entrance for the first time and finding a way to remove the chain latch from the outside.  Always a giggle.