it possible?

I wish it were possible!  I'll take 4 of me.  I wonder if I could make the clones in all stages of of the aging process.  One 20 something with abundant energy to clean the house, mow the lawn, work on the flower beds and make it to the gym everyday.  Imagine buying the size four clothing!

The next would be a thirty year old.  Time for family activities, playing games in the backyard and making every school pick up on time.

Maybe the third and forth would be forty year old and wise in business, have time to run around with the dog and fit a date night with the hubby.  While at the same time being able to fabricate window treatments  galore.

Why am I feeling this need to clone?  My interns are gone.  They have left to begin their own careers.  While I wish them well, I realize how much they have helped me this year.  Small chatter in the workroom, responding to an email, organizing the intake files, the list goes on and on of all the things they accomplished during their time here.  I wish both Ashley and Evan well.  May they fly to new heights in the interior design world and I look forward to the day that they come into my workroom requesting fabrication for their own clients.

Wishing everyone a lovely day!  Here is to hoping you accomplish all you have set out to do today.